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The advancement of technology and evolving business modules are getting more biased to Power automate and Power BI as its integration can be greatly beneficial for business growth. Considering its paramount importance in the business strategies, O2 Mation has come up with the best Power Automation Solutions in Dubai. Power automate is taking the business reporting solution to a whole new level while helping the businesses to work smoothly with the convenient process of managing data.

Power Automate Dubai UAE

We offer exclusive services for Process Automation in Dubai which are effective, efficient and take the business further through seamless opportunities for growth. If you’re a beginner at this and unaware of the facts related to Power Automate, let’s take a better look at it.

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate is a cloud-based tool or service that helps to save an ample amount of time and effort creating a smooth workflow to automate business processes. With help of this service, it is possible to connect with 200 other out-of-the-box services. It is highly beneficial for any business to automate repetitive tasks regarding the business. Our services for Power Automation in Uae are solely made to empower the businesses with custom templates that reduce the chance of manual effort and error as well. Besides, handling all the business data with e manual effort could be a tedious job to do. With O2 Mation, you get to concentrate your business while we streamline your business tasks and data.

How does it work?

The power automate follows a pattern or rhythm to make an activity. It consists of mainly two elements as triggers and actions.

Triggers – It is an event or incident that starts the flow. Once the situation arrives, it triggers itself automatically and sends for actions.

Actions – It is the result of the triggers that you want to take place after a triggering situation has arrived. It is the action that takes place after the trigger takes place.

Usually, a flow starts with the only trigger but it can show multiple actions. However, it does not happen otherwise since no action can trigger the flow or no flow can take place with multiple triggers. The key lies in setting these triggers and actions in a way that can perform the repetitive tasks without indulging any human effort. Our Power Virtual Agents can help you out with the whole process. With their professionalism and years of experience, the agents offer Power Automate Consulting services to guide everyone with fruitful pieces of advice.

What are the benefits of using power automate in business?

Power Automate Dubai UAE

1. Streamline daily task

Since there are many emails sent and received daily, power automation can be utilized to filter through and receive a notification every time whenever a mail has arrived without the fear of missing it.

2. Increase productivity

We offer Power Automation Solutions in Dubai which are convenient for every business as it helps to reduce human effort in repetitive tasks and boost productivity among the employees and overall business performance.

3. Automate action across all business systems

Our services for Process Automation in Dubai connect and automate business-related tasks across hundreds of apps and tools that fall under the Microsoft ecosystem. You can enjoy the services of over 200 connectors like Word, Outlook, Twitter, Adobe Sign, Google Drive, FreshBooks, and so on.

4. Reduce time and error

We make sure our services of Power Automation in Uae to be the most efficient one as it helps to reduce human error and provides more employee satisfaction by reducing the time taken. There are more benefits of having power automate in business and if you are looking forward to enjoying the benefits, visit us at


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